NFTP development plans

Last updated: 30 March 2000. The order of items in the table does not reflect actual priorities given.

Bugfix/improvement Status
Help system needs rewrite to reflect actual keys in effect and ease the maintenance of translations HSY
Support Japanese under Unix, both in terminal and X11 versions HSY
Optional idle disconnection prevention HSY
Local directory in the bookmark entries HSY
Background bitmap support in rxvt? HSY
Case-sensitive sorting of files HSY
Clean up memory usage (unnecessary large buffers, malloc() instead of stack and statics etc.). HSY
Support for new FTP extensions BWO
.origin files, with multiple sites HSY
baskets, system-wide and invocation-specific, kept between sessions HSY
sort order: make shift-T, shift-T invert the order HSY
import ncftp history, Netscape bookmarks HSY
symbolic links -- better treatment HSY
display file descriptions in arbitrary encoding HSY
check disk space when downloading! HSY
mouse support, esp. for menu BWO
scrollbar in the main window HSY
transferring some files in ASCII mode based on extension HSY
Internationalization of key names in menu HSY
Selectable listing format for remote server, bypassing autodetection HSY

HSY -- haven't started yet, TAI -- thinking about it, BWO -- being worked on, CTF -- close to finished.

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